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Dignity Kits (Sanitary towels) Donation Drive at Dagoreti Special Needs School

In January 2022 Andy Speaks was able to support 450 special needs girls, 50 caregivers & women with disabilities by supplying reusable sanitary towels & dignity kits that can last up to 2 years.

This was in partnership with Sister Speaks under their heels 4 pads initiative funded by Nissan Kenya

We are increasing our reach and tapping into girls with special needs and disabilities.
Beside, menstrual Education , products we incorporate confidence building exercise as modelling led by our founder Sylvia Mochabo – (Ms Africa Elite 2022 & Queen of Africa 2022) to help girls love their bodies and who they are.

Many communities continue to associate menstruation with filth, secrecy and shame pass those values to a girl to mold her self identity. She grows up hiding and being constantly ashamed. Hence it’s important access comes along with education to ensure behavioral change in the family & community at large

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